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Hello there! Welcome to The Supermumma.

I am Jocelle, the person behind “The Supermumma”. I am a blogger, freelance writer, and website designer. I create beautiful websites and eye-catching graphics for social media and blogs. I also write SEO optimized, copyright-free articles for websites, and eBooks.


Honestly, I have had a hard time customizing this blog. It was not as easy as one-two-three because I had run out of good ideas since I had no longer written something like this after I graduated from college. I jumped from one topic to another and it turned out that I was not satisfied with the output.

I've read others' blogs and they were exceedingly writing best ideas out of their undertakings or life-story. Their lives seem to be so interesting and mine is boring!

At first, I wanted to create this blog for the purpose of earning money but the idea just made me harder to think about what to post, what to do with my blog, since successful bloggers suggested only focusing on something we are good at, so readers would know what to expect from the blog to gain a good reputation and eventually earn for a living.

I was kinda confused about what my blog should be about, so, I tried to re-examine myself until such time that a realization dawned on me.

I realized it's not important at all if I earn money or not from blogging because what I really needed is a platform where I can voice out my feelings inside and just be me. I just wanna put my heart out into writing. It's the best way to unload all my emotions especially when nobody's around to talk to.

Since childhood, I already expressed my passion for literature that I dreamed to become a famous writer or poet, researched it, and read books to enhance my vocabulary. But that desire was left behind when I took up a different program in college due to financial constraints.

Fortunately, the program I chose has English-related courses, thus, I was able to enhance my fluency with a very good critic and mentor, Professor Margarita C. Paghasian in Mindanao State University - Maigo School of Arts and Trades. I became more careful with my grammar and usage of words although there's still a lot of things to learn.

With the blogging thought lingering in my mind, I decided to pour my heart out, so, I came up with this. I may not receive recognition or approval from others but the success of this writing is already an honor to me.

Through this blog, I have re-discovered myself, of who I really am, of what I really want, and what I need. The decision has opened the closed doors inside my heart that once shut. It widened my perspective about my life and directed me into a new road worth taking. I am grateful for this twist in my story.

Finally, I can say, this is it, this is me!

They (bloggers) were right upon saying that in order to create a successful blog, we must focus on something we are best at.

I've discovered that I am best at writing from the heart. I guess the best explanation to have an outstanding blog is to look inside your heart and start writing there.

NOTE: I started blogging in 2014. This blog is transferred from a different platform, thus, it looks new. But some of the posts here are written in 2014.

What's your blogging story? Tell us in the comments section below.

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