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18 Beautiful & Cozy Tiny House Designs - The Perfect Homes For Modern Settlers

Living off-grid won’t be boring with these tiny house designs that you can copy to build your own dream home.

Cozy Tiny House Design

The idea of building tiny houses is definitely rising all over the world. There’s a certain charm in living in a compact space and it definitely appeals to those that aspire to live a simpler lifestyle.

Tiny houses are part of the minimalist trend, allowing individuals to live more simply while yet having a fashionable and functional dwelling. As more individuals choose to live in small spaces, design has progressed to the point where it's evident that losing square footage doesn't imply abandoning the style.

While most home purchasers want more square footage, bedrooms, and acreage, the tiny house movement aims to do the exact opposite.

Not to mention, it takes lesser time to clean and you will get a huge save on electrical bills.

Before you start fantasizing about living in a bus, have a look at these 18 wonderfully built tiny homes that can help you live a more economically and environmentally sustainable existence while maintaining your particular style.

Tiny House Designs You Can Copy For Your Family

Check out this list of tiny house designs that you can copy to build the dream home of your family.

1. Fancy a treehouse

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

This two-story house is definitely one you would see in movies.

Integrating the existing tree into their house design, this family managed to create a modern house while still respecting nature. 

With an extended 20 ft x 12 ft deck on the second floor and a pool, this house is beaming with refreshing energy.

tiny house idea malaysia

Ultimately, it is a homestay with the garden concept. Complete with a swimming pool and BBQ stations! Perfect for those who want to kick back and relax after a long tiresome week.

2. A house with lots of windows

Wanderin’ Star Farms' small home has a lot going for it. This small house, located just outside of Austin, has a bit bigger square footage than some of the other modular tiny homes on our list, but it's still all about minimalism.

The floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with light, making it feel even bigger than it is.

3. There's enough room for a sectional

Look at this gorgeous place by Molly and Ken if you still think living tiny implies forsaking creature comforts. There's plenty of room to cozy up and watch Netflix thanks to the clever floor layout, which even allows for a sectional couch.

Additionally, by using lightweight ottomans, floor space can be extended, allowing the area to be transformed into a personal yoga studio.

4. Make separate rooms a thing

If you think going tiny means living in a one-room trailer or RV, you're mistaken.

Many tiny homes, such as this one by Butik Evler Sapanca, demonstrate that you may have multiple defined spaces without having a big overall footprint.

This lovely, light-filled tiny house has a lofted bed over the kitchen, which is a common concept for small houses. A living room and even a porch where you can sit and watch the birds are included in this floor plan.

5. Make the decision to live in a van

Escape Leisures Vehicle Ltd is a company that specializes in converting camper vans into compact mobile houses that can simply be moved from one zip code to the next.

Despite the fact that living in a van implies fewer compartmented rooms, efficient storage in places like the kitchen ensures that it can manage the essentials. Living tiny entails storing wisely and relying on only what you truly require.

6. Get excited about plants

Are you a fan of the outdoors? The good news is that choosing a tiny home doesn't mean you have to give up all of your favorite plants. 

This lovely small house by Holl is crammed with plants from floor to ceiling, but it doesn't feel claustrophobic or congested because the rest of the floor plan is open and airy.

Plants are a terrific way to add warmth and welcome to a small space.

7. Incorporate a skylight

Consider a lovely skylight like this one from Pumphrey and Weston if you're worried about living small feeling cramped. Not only does this allow for the best nighttime stargazing, but it also helps to open up the space and make it appear larger.

8. Only the essentials

This vehicle design from Megan and Chris has a clean, modern design that isn't cluttered with needless elements or accessories. 

When working with a tiny area, such as an RV or a van, choose simple, pared-down decor to keep the place clean and relaxing.

9. Think about smart storage

Not only does Jake + Gianna school bus-turned-house have a stunning modern design that rivals any huge home, but it also has plenty of smart storage to keep it clean and orderly.

Rolling pantries and drawer organizers with a low profile are essential for living successfully in a compact space.

10. Have fun with paint

While many smaller homes stick to a neutral color scheme, there's always room in a small area to experiment with bolder hues.

Lime green cabinetry contrasts well with the rustic wood-paneled ceiling and the foliage throughout this lovely van house by The Travelbobbers. A modest home can be given a boost of individuality by strategically using vibrant colors.

11. A lovely sunroom

One of the best things about a little house is that you can concentrate on the features and areas that you genuinely value.

If you like natural light, this lovely tiny home by Taylor and Michaella McClendon has a sunroom to rival any larger home. This space seems light and airy thanks to the high ceilings and two rows of windows.

12. Pay Attention to the deck

Because you may simply travel from zip code to zip code in a mobile tiny home, you'll undoubtedly want to mix indoor and outdoor life. 

The moveable hardwood terrace on this lovely modern tiny house by Tru Form Tiny is ideal for sunbathing and stargazing. Many tiny homes include porches or decks, allowing you to take advantage of your changing surroundings.

13. The uniqueness of shipping containers

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

There are so many ways we can go about creating a tiny house. This house design uses shipping containers. 

According to the owner, Apit, the most asked question when it comes to their tiny home is, “Isn’t it hot living in a container?” And the answer is, no.

He remarked, as long as you choose the proper ventilation and roof for the house, you will be okay. Additionally, you have to also take into account the state’s climate before building your house.

You can manage to make living in containers comfortable and artistic with the help of vibrant pops of yellow, bare brick walls, and refreshing plants around the house.

14. Extended patio that overlooks a stream

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

Hey nature lovers, you are definitely going to fall in love with this one!

Nestled in lush greeneries, this tiny house is equipped with an extended patio that overlooks a small river stream. Combining both kitchen and laundry room in one area, this compact house even comes with its own dining area and an outdoor theater to boot!

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

The family who owned this house moved away from KL life, left everything, and settled in the kampung to have a simpler, basic, back-to-nature lifestyle.

Like many other tiny houses, this one is fitted with a loft that also serves as a common area and bedroom for their two sons.

Waking up to this view is definitely worth the trouble. Rewarding even!

Oh did we mention that it is also a resort?

If you want to wake up in these views as well, you should build one so your family can go on glamping at any time.

15. Hybrid modern-traditional tiny home design

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

Using the hybrid house concept, this modern house is partly influenced by traditional house design. You have to admit, for a house this small, it definitely packs a punch! The large window in its kitchen is definitely one of the highlights of this house.

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

16. Fantasy-thrill tiny home

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

Taking a step into this tiny house will give you nothing short of a fantasy thrill.

Sheena Sonnia Yee is a Sino Dusun woman who decided to live in a practical space with a quality lifestyle. The lady learned about minimal lifestyle when she was studying in Australia which then inspired her to live with less clutter and be free financially.

Her home features a small open space that connects to the kitchen and a staircase leading to an open attic with a king-sized bed. There is also a small panel window on her roof that allows her to bask in natural light.

This insta-worthy space has become the envy of many, especially due to its abundance of organic plants and darling minimal design.

17. Tiny home with a rooftop hangout

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

Here’s another example of a container house. You would be surprised to know how many things you can do with only 1 container. 

This house can fit anything you need to accommodate a simple lifestyle. It even comes with a courtyard and a rooftop hangout that overlooks the palm oil farm next to it.

To stabilize the temperature in this house, the owner lined its walls with insulation fiber imported from Germany.

This tiny house was created as a homestay but it definitely gives off the homey vibe.

18. Majestic tiny house by the hill

tiny house design ideas Malaysia

Who would’ve thought that this majestic house by the hill is owned by a single Malaysian woman with no designing background!

Atiqah Nadiah Zailani was set on living in an apartment when she changed her mind after traveling to Africa. This iron lady decided to create her own house off the grid and turn it into a self-sufficient house.

If everything goes well, the house will be equipped with solar panels for electricity, a rainwater collection tank for running water, and a composite toilet to recycle human waste.


In a world where people are increasingly moving to urban areas, there’s a certain appeal to the idea of living in a tiny home. That said, they’re not for everyone.

For those who are interested in building one though, the options above should help give you some inspiration as you conceive your ideal abode.

The bottom line is, if you’re planning to build a tiny house, it is up to you to decide which are the best construction plans. This article will give you a glimpse of what different plans have in store and hopefully help you decide on your perfect dream home.

With these designs and trends laid out, it’s easy to see that those who want to live a minimalist lifestyle can still incorporate attractive features into their tiny home.

Don’t be afraid to add splashes of color and pizazz–just watch the overall aesthetic of your house grow.

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