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Why Tiny Houses Make A Great Investment?

Imagine living in a house of your choice that takes you to places, without needing to pay for the land it sits in. You live a simple life, close to nature, and free from debts. What a beautiful life it is!

If you’re into real estate investing or simply looking for a house to live in for years, you might want to consider getting a tiny house.

There are many reasons why buying a tiny house is a good move for homeowners and investors. From cost to portability, tiny houses definitely make a great investment.

But before we tackle down the different reasons that make tiny houses a great investment, let us first get into detail about what a tiny house is.

What is a Tiny House?

From its name itself, a tiny house is literally a small house. It is usually sized under 600 square feet.

While a tiny house can be built on foundations, they are often constructed on a trailer. They are mostly built by travelers, minimalists, and frugal persons.

Even though small, a tiny house can have a living area, a sleeping loft, a kitchen, and a bathroom even when constructed on a trailer.

A tiny house can be a log cabin in the woods, a luxurious waterfront cottage, or a refurbished shipping container. It comes in a wide range of shapes and styles.

What Makes Tiny Houses a Great Investment?

Tiny houses may not be as luxurious as the other type of houses but it brings enormous benefits to people who choose to have a tiny living.

Here are some of the reasons why buying a tiny house either for personal use or business is a good investment.

1. Lower Cost

Building a tiny, cozy home won’t cost you as much as building a full-sized one.

Since you will build a small house, you only need fewer things to build it. You can opt to use lightweight and affordable materials. You can design it on your own with your preferred furnishings.

You also don’t have to buy a piece of land to build your house on. You can choose to rent a plot of land at a cheaper price.

2. Lower Living Expenses

Living in a tiny house pushes you to have a simple living, thereby, helping you to save on money and cut back your expenses.

Since you will be living in a tiny home, you only need the basic stuff. You do not have to buy a lot of clothes, beddings, and kitchenwares. You do not have to spend on unnecessary things like flower vases, wall frames, and gigantic chandeliers.

You can also save on utilities and maintenance costs. The electricity, water, fuel bills are much lower when living in a tiny house.

You can also have a composting toilet that immediately breaks down waste without needing to be hooked to a sewage system.

It’s always easier to live off-grid. You can already heat the entire place with a small wood stove and can power it with mini solar panels.

3. Portability

Since you can mount your tiny house on a trailer, you can move from one place to another. You can travel wherever and whenever you like. You can choose to live the way you want.

Its portability also allows you to get close to nature. Since you can travel while mounting it on a trailer, you can choose to stay in the woods, by the bay, or by the river.

4. No Mortgage

Not all people can afford to buy a house without taking out a mortgage.

Choosing to live in a tiny house will allow you to be free from debt and mortgage. You don’t have to worry anymore about the monthly mortgage and even rent. You may be living simply, but at least, debt-free.

5. Easier Maintenance

As narrow as it is, so does the maintenance a tiny home requires. With lesser space to clean and fewer things to fix in a tiny house, you can focus on your other tasks aside from maintaining your cozy home.

6. Profitable Rental Property

While you can buy a tiny home for you and your family, you can also have it rented out. Yes, you definitely can.

Tiny houses actually make a great temporary house for those who just don’t have enough money yet to build their dream home.

You can also have your tiny home rented out to travelers who love the unique experience of living in tiny houses. You can even start an Airbnb business and list your property with them.

Interested to Build a Cabin Home Instead?

Ecohousemart provides a prefab cabin home that you can install on your own. The DIY cabin home is a laminated heavy timber frame structure, an engineered wood using Northern Spruce.

The prefabricated home has a total floor area of 1,409 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Just perfect as a vacation home or for a small family wanting to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Whether it’s for personal use or for business goals, tiny houses definitely make a good investment. It is cheap, easy to manage, and in-demand nowadays due to people transitioning their lifestyles. 

Be it for traveling purposes or financial aspects, rest assured that tiny homes will give you the same satisfaction and comfort as conventional houses do.