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Simba Sleep Mattresses (A Product Review)

200-night home trial Free delivery and return 10-year guarantee 

Simba Sleep is a bestseller and trendsetter bed-in-a-box mattresses that offer a gravity-defying cooling comfort through their patented titanium Aerocoil sprint-comfort layer at a reasonable price. It comes with two types of mattresses, the Simba Hybrid Mattress and the Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress designed to give the perfect combination of comfort and support with even better heat regulation for a comfy night’s sleep. In addition, you get a 200 nights home trial to ensure the Simba Sleep Mattress is the right one for you.

Sizes & Pricing

What do they offer?

The Simba Hybrid is 25 cm deep with 5 layers and 2500 springs. The Simba Hybrid Pro is 28 cm deep with 7 layers comes and 5000 titanium Aerocoil springs. Simba Sleep has frequent sales and promotions, thus, prices may change anytime. Currently, Simba Sleep is offering 25% off on all mattresses.


You can choose from the following mattress sizes:


Single: The single mattress has dimensions of 90 x 190 cm. The prices are £441.75 (Original) and £674.25 (Pro).

Small Double: The small double mattress has dimensions of 120 x 190 cm and costs £599.25 (Original). This mattress size is not available in the Hybrid Pro.


Double: The double mattress has dimensions of 135 x 190 cm. The prices are £599.25 (Original) and £839.25 (Pro).


King-Size: The king-size mattress has dimensions of 150 x 200 cm. The prices are £681.75 (Original) and £959.25 (Pro).


Super King-Size: The super king-size mattress has dimensions of 180 x 200 cm. The prices are £756.75 (Original) and £1,034.25 (Pro).


EU Single: The EU single mattress has dimensions of 90 x 200 cm. This mattress size is only available in Original and currently costs £486.75


EU Double: The EU double mattress has dimensions of 140 x 200 cm. This mattress size is only available in Original and currently costs £636.75


EU Queen: The EU queen mattress has dimensions of 160 x 200 cm. This mattress size is only available in Original and costs £719.25


All of the mattresses at Simba Sleep can be paid up to 12 monthly installments with 0% interest and come with a price match guarantee.


Simba Sleep Single

£589 £441.75



Highlights of the mattress

Simba Sleep mattresses are state-of-art mattresses engineered to work on any person of any shape and size. Their design works for every sleeper, front, back, or side. Its flexible zone base ensures you don’t disturb your partner while you sleep. What’s more, is that its 200-day trial gives you stress-free usage and sleep every time.


What is the mattress made of

The Simba Sleep Hybrid mattress is built with five layers of comfort combining conical springs and memory foam. The five layers are as follows:

Breathable Sleep Surface - The top layer is detachable and washable so you can keep your mattress feeling fresher for longer. It’s hypoallergenic and super soft to the touch.

Open Cell Foam Layer - This layer is designed to help keep you cool by regulating the temperature while providing an extra boost of comfort.

Titanium Aero-Coil Spring Comfort Layer - The conical springs in Simba Sleep mattresses cradle your body from head to toe, keeping you supported throughout your sleep. Their design also helps to minimize disturbance between couples when sleeping in the same bed. The Simba Hybrid has up to  2,500 of these 25 mm conical springs.

High-Definition Foam with Edge Support - The layer of foam moulds to your body, ensuring top-level comfort throughout the night, whichever position you like to sleep in.

Zoned Base - The final layer is a zoned base that provides pressure-relieving support to your sleep in all the right places.

The Simba Hybrid Pro, on the other hand, is made up of the following 7 layers:

Breathable Sleep Surface - This sleep surface is not only breathable, but it is also soft and lusciously thicker than that found in the Simba Hybrid.

Natural Wool Layer - Not only is wool soft, but it also acts as a natural fire retardant. This layer is unique to the Hybrid Pro.

Open-Cell Simba-Pure Layer - You’ll find this layer in both the Hybrid as well as the Hybrid Pro.

Two Unique Patented Titanium Aerocoil Spring Layers - Unlike the Simba Hybrid, the Hybrid Pro contains two layers of 25 mm conical Aeorcoil springs. Based on the size, this mattress model can contain up to 5,000 springs. They are individually pocketed to reduce motion transfer.

High Definition Simba-Pure with Edge Support - This layer is found in both the Hybrid and the Hybrid Pro. In addition to being supportive, the edge support prevents you from sinking too much if you sit on the edge of your bed.

Zoned Simba-Pure Support Base - The zoned support base is designed to provide different pressure relief and support to different regions of the body.


Final Thoughts

Simba Sleep mattresses are perfect for any type of sleeper and extremely beneficial for couples due to their edge support technology. The Simba Hybrid Pro is more doable than the Simba Hybrid due to the double number of coils and the extra soft sleep surface. Either of the two models, you would surely be happy to have it at your home.

TOTAL SCORE: 9.8 Amazing!

200-night home trial Free delivery and return 10-year guarantee 


CertiPUR certified means the foam is free of harmful chemicals        X Cover not removable or washable

360-degree high-density foam border for edge support

Grey base fabric can be cleaned with a soft, damp, clean cloth

Made for any sleep style

200 night trial period

✅100% recyclable materials